Haze Gray Apparel launches YouTube Channel

Launching Our Own Channel on YouTube

So I have long considered the idea of putting together our own channel on You-Tube to drive some traffic to the store online, but I just struggled to come up with what I would consider viable, interesting content.  It cannot be just a string of video imagery showing apparel designs - you already know where to go for that.  

Then I got to visit with one of our customers, right here in Texas, that flew as a RIO in an Marine Corps F-4 fighter squadron in Vietnam - and he has written a book.  So this triggered the thought that maybe this guy would be willing to share a little about his book and his flying experience with us.  I'll post a link to his book and pass that along.  We get a cool story and he gets some free exposure. 

And that made ask the bigger question:  What are the rest of you out there doing?  Maybe together we can form a small audience to just take an interest, if nothing else.

OK not everybody has written a book, that's OK.  Some of you have other stories to tell.  I have a shipmate that runs an employment placement agency here in Texas that finds qualitied veteran job candidates to local employers.   To me, that is a story that is very much worth telling, and potentially something that some of you might want to hear.  

Who is doing something in your community to help veterans causes, even in just a very small way?  Who runs a veteran owned business, even if it isn't a charity?  How can we support each other?  The purpose isn't to try to solicit donations here, but rather to simply provide a little free exposure here and there and many get some of the rest of thinking about some small ways we can lend a hand ourselves - even if that nothing more than providing a link to some website.

So let's make this channel about you.  Or about us - all of us, as a community of US Navy and Marine Corps service veterans.  It's been a long time since most of us have worn the uniform, but nobody reading doubts that most of us still have a great deal to offer.  Let's find those stories, find those individuals among us, and tell those stories.

Speak up if anybody comes to mind. If there is some Navy or Marine Corps vets out there that is doing something of note, something interesting, something that the rest of might want to hear about, then I am asking you to bring that to me attention. I'll do the outreach and pitch the idea to them.  Let's see if those individuals might like to be featured on a very short interview.  

And even though it is a bit empty right now, I hope that you'll take a minute to hop on over there and hit our subscribe button.


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